Cloud Telephony

EMW has the first Cloud PBAX platform to support end-to-end Telephony services including Telephony, Call Center, Telephony Management System, and many more value-added services.


Powered by Broadsoft & running from two UAE resilient data centers, EMW Harmony Suite has been designed from the ground up for hospitality & enterprise with innovations that are all driven by our customers and our passion to deliver the very best solution we can to every client, no matter what size or what location.

We constantly innovate to help our customers serve their business better, quicker and more cost effective.

Cloud PBAX allows us to always be up to date, add new features and offer them to you on a SaaS basis, allowing you to easily adapt to changing business needs and quickly take advantage of new functionality

What is HARMONY?

EMW’s Carrier-grade Cloud PABX Harmony Suite is revolutionizing the way businesses and consumers connect. Our advanced collaboration tools are seamlessly integrated into your operations, supported by our rock-solid infrastructure across dual UAE-based Data Centers that boast an unparalleled five nines of reliability.
We’ve designed our systems with the future in mind, offering unmatched horizontal scaling that can effortlessly grow to accommodate tens of millions of extensions. Our robust geographic redundancy ensures continuous operation, while our architecture is versatile enough to serve both multi-tenant and single-tenant arrangements with a single logical system.
Experience the ease of zero-touch provisioning and over-the-top service that redefines the meaning of user-friendly. With EMW, you’re not just open for business—you’re open to integration and interoperability, paving the way for limitless connectivity.
Security isn’t an afterthought; it’s built into the very fabric of our services, giving you peace of mind in an ever-evolving digital landscape.
We are proud to offer specialized Services that integrate smoothly with leading platforms such as Jazzware and TigerTMS, and we’re constantly expanding our horizons with more integrations on the horizon

HARMONY Suites Benefits​



Running from two regional data centers allows us to offer the most resilient solution available.



We offer a mix of commercial solutions including all Opex or all Capex – PayAsYouGo, Scale up or down.



Our support team operates around the clock ensuring we are there to support you whenever you, or your guests, need it.



With one major and one minor upgrade every year plus the addition of new functionality and innovations you will always have the best, at no extra cost.


One Stop Shop

We offer services ranging from Voice, UC, Video, Devices, PMS, TMS, Security, Analog Gateways, Call Center, Recording and many more.



As our platform is implemented in the UAE, we adhere to UAE TDRA regulations.



Harmony Mobile allows associate devices access to Harmony Suite inside and outside of the property using iOS, Android and more

HARMONY Suites Features​

HARMONY Suites Packages

For Hospitality
For Enterprise
For Retails